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ENROLL ANYTIME - Providing Effective Student Feedback is a Course

ENROLL ANYTIME - Providing Effective Student Feedback

Time limit: 60 days
2 credits

$20 Enroll

Full course description

Through your feedback, students will be coached on improvements they can make, will be praised for a job well done, and will be tutored on topics they may not yet understand. It is imperative that the feedback that you provide to students be timely, personal, specific, and even motivational. Focusing on these items will keep your students moving forward in their studies and will allow them to learn as much as they can from you and the course content.

This course will expose you to different feedback strategies and the appropriate actions you may integrate to offer feedback to your students efficiently. The strategies explored may also help improve your time management, increase learner engagement, and foster positive communications with your learners.